Infographics are the ultimate communications tool in today’s digital landscape. They are dynamic, immersive, and persuasive; and from concept to completion, I can design them for your organization or brand to invigorate brand identity and strengthen your digital presence.

Why Infographics?

We live in a time of information overload where smartphones are the dominant pipeline for consumption. In this data-rich ecosystem where words alone fail to capture the imagination of audiences, arresting visual material is key in winning the attention and impact you want.

Infographics are the perfect tool to accomplish this. They lure the interest of distracted viewers scrolling on their screens by relying on preattentive properties and aesthetic appeal. They instantly deliver meaning and make your content rise above and beyond the din of digital information.

Need an Infographic?

With over a decade of experience in the media and communications fields, and a specialization in data analytics and data visualization, I am an expert at distilling complexity and persuasively messaging through interactive, mobile-friendly graphs, maps, and charts. They will invigorate your reports and public documents, breathe life into your communications campaigns and website, and add polish to your presentations. They are the value-added asset keeping your audience loyal and engaged, and setting you apart from your competition.

Value-Added Experience

Not only does my breadth and depth of skills encompass design, but also optimization for mobile—an essential quality too often overlooked that can have serious implications for engagement. A background in journalism also enables me to contextualize data and craft compelling narratives helping you tell memorable stories rather than just deliver information. All of this means the difference between good content and amazing content that drives conversion and brand awareness.

For pricing, process, and more information on how I can empower your digital presence, contact me below.